The Battered Wife – Film by Jess Portuondo

A short film featuring the essay “The Battered Wife” by Russell Rowland that appears in Unearthing Paradise.

Jess Portuondo is an MFA student in MSU’s Science and Natural History Filmmaking program, as well as an advocate for the protection of public lands. After stumbling upon Unearthing Paradise at the Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, she was inspired to make the Paradise Valley mining issue the subject of her first-year film. Russell Rowland’s image of “the battered wife” resonates with her because she feels it aptly portrays the human experience of mining in Montana. Jess hopes her film adaptation of Rowland’s essay will lead to a greater understanding of the problems involved with developing more mining sites, especially in locations so close to Yellowstone National Park.

Drone Cinematography: Duncan Williamson and R. J. Sindelar
Narration: Rhiannon Martinez
Music: Brielle Morgan
Camera Assistance: Travis Truax and Alyson Sperry
Graphics: Caro Perez-Siam

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